8.2 Reflections #19 and #20

K. Sullivan

If Leonardo Da Vinci were to see my writing he would ask me to work on certain letters, such as "a" and "e", and to make sure the sentence flows together smoothly.

This objective could have been easier for Da Vinci because he was left-handed. Where right handed people have a sense of writing from left to right, left handed people may be comfortable writing right to left.

Three Examples of Reflections:

The butterflies wings are an example of a reflection because when you reflect a butterfly it remains the same because its wings are symmetrical.

The triangles are an example of a reflection.

R y = -1 (triangle AEY) = triangle A1E1Y1

The heart is an example of a natural reflection. The line of symmetry is an imaginary line directly in the middle of the heart, because both sides of the imaginary line are equal.

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