By:Raquel Gonzalez

1.Make sure to put your first and last name on a assignment.

why?: It is a good habit to get into because what if you get an assignment that has the name "by:unicornsfluffycat123"on it. How are you supposed to know who that is?

2.It is important to use very good writing skills while writing an email.

why?:because using the “words” wuz up,idk, brb,nvm(never mind),lol,omg,ttyl(talk to you later),gr8. Can affect you if you respond in that way.

3.When emailing a teacher always remember to put your full name.

why?:because there can be other people with the same name as yours

4.Write in a positive tone and avoid writing in ALL CAPS.

why?:because it is rude and it is like yelling.

5. Always check what you are about to send is not something that will embarrass you in the future.

why?: because you will regret it in the future.

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