Feudal Japan

1. What is Feudalism? Feudalism is a system used to interact to find loyalty     

2. What led to the rise of Feudalism in Japan?

Because the king had lost political powers

 3. What are 3 art forms from ancient Japan and how did they impact/influence society at that time period? Paintings expressed a story or  daily life. Japanese poetry was influenced by their emotions. Flower arrangement has a tradition to show the beauty of nature.     

4. What was the social structure of Feudal Japan?

King: This man sat atop feudal society and ruled over large areas of land.

Church Officials and Nobles: These people owned land and thus held much power and wealth.

Knights:Many of these warriors provided military services to nobles in return for a piece of their land.

Peasants: Peasants worked for the noble lands and preformed backbreaking task.   

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