Vladimir Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov)

Born 1870 to a middle class family - Died 1924 in Russia of a stroke

Vladimir took on the name of Lenin because after his brother was hung due to plotting the assassination of Czar, Vladimir then on out hated the controlled government

Lenin took the interest of politics and revolution because of his hatred towards the czar which eventually ended with Lenin being sent into exile

Lenin was a supporter of Marxist ideas and shared ideas with Nadezha Krupskaya who later, were both sent in exile to Switzerland and then got married to each other in prison

Lenin was the leader of the Russian Communist Party which consisted of a group called the Bolsheviks, which he called The Majority

The Bolsheviks also agreed with Lenin in supporting Marxist ideas for a non dictated government and the radical group thought that the only way things in Russia could change was revolution

Germany wanted Russia to stop fighting against them in World War I so Germany takes ahold of Lenin and they agree that if Germany sends Lenin back to Russia from exile, Vladimir must sign a treaty and withdrawal Russia from the war

Lenin signs the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and makes peace with Germany and Russia is left with destroyed towns and less land but is done fighting with other countries

Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, Lenin's right hand man, promised the Russian citizens, "Peace, Land and Bread!" if Lenin took over Russia, and when he did, the citizens got what he told them  

The Red Guards, armed Bolsheviks and other factory workers, attacked the government and soon after that, Lenin overthrew Russia's government

This new flag of the Soviet Union became a symbol of peace between peasants and workers

After three years, the "Reds", Bolsheviks and Communists, fought against the "Whites" who were supporters of the previous Czar

The U.S., Britain, and France interfered with the Russian Revolution, siding with the Whites in hope to get Russia back fighting with Germany but the Reds eventually won the Russian Revolution

The communists created the Cheka, which was a secret police force, that killed anyone against the revolution, including the royal family

After the revolution, millions of Russians died and even though Lenin succeeded, he had ages of fixing a destroyed country which resulted in Lenin's new economic policy

Because Lenin was such a strong and respected leader, after his sudden death, his body was preserved and shown to the public for years as a symbol of his powerful life

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