Come To Tanzania

By Maja R.

Clothes, food, and holidays:

Clothing: I would give them jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. This is what I picked because it would help them fit in. Also they would probably like that.

Food: doughnuts, fish, beans, and veggies, I chose this because its interesting. Also, people in Tanzania eat this most commonly.

Something to help celebrate holidays: Handicrafts, christmas lights, and a christmas tree. I picked this because some of them are used in other states and some are not. I believe this will help because it is something to use for holidays there.

Advice about language, and misc:

Miscellaneous item: A bicycle for traveling. I chose that because it was interesting and it would help them get around faster.

Advice about customs and courtesies: Soccer is very popular in Tanzania. I chose this because football is pretty popular in Oelwein.

Advice about lifestyle: You are considered an adult when you are 13, pregnant woman can cut in line in large groups, and death is marked by a parade. The surviving part of the family is taken care of by brotherhood. I chose this because it looked interesting.

Advice about society, languege, beleifs and attitudes: Advice about society: Africans take up the most population and to show friendship, and girls 12 and over get married I chose this because I hope it helped you learn about this topic.

Advice about language, beliefs and attitudes: Kiunguja and english are both popular. They mostly believe in christianity and muslim. They are generous, caring people and think it’s impolite to even pass a person without at least smiling, unless in a huge crowd.

Advice about country background: June 30th 1964 was when the flag design was founded and called their own. I chose this because it was cool to learn about.

Advice, famous people, and things you'll like about Tanzania:

School Advice about school and education: 4 and + start school and lasts for 13 years. I chose this because it is the same here.

Somebody famous from our country: John Burra is a famous athlete who is from Tanzania. I chose this because I like athletes.

Some things you may really like about our country: They are very kind and generous and will make you feel welcome.

Thanks, and I hope this helped!

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