Brighton beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the biggest , longest-lasting down turn in u.s history.Consumer spending and investment dropped dramatically. Failing companies laid off a lot of workers , therefore unemployment levels rised.This lasted 12 years until world war 2 kicked in and helped the u.s industry. The Great Depression is a very important era in our history

Colleges in the 1930's

Room and Board: $520
Text-books: $35
Others: $260

Some of the major differences are the prices of the room and board , text books , and all your necessities.  The rules were different , for example , No guys were allowed in a lady's room , they had a curfew of 10pm and you could get expelled if you were caught breaking these rule.

the mascot is the Quaker.

The cost of gas was 10 cents.

The cost of everyday foods was around 20 cents.

The cost of a new car was $640

Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim ,

  I am very sorry for the way i acted. I and so much on my mind and i was thrown off. I wasn't thinking right. I just think its a little unfair.

  I think you should give me another chance because i am a very hard worker. I know how to take directions , and you know that. Plus my dad just got laid off so im the only income in our family. Times are hard for everyone.

  Please think about re-hiring me. Think about the company and my family. Again i Truly do apologize for what i did. It was very uncalled for.

                                                                                      Sincerely ,

                                                                                                Stan Jerome.

Broadway Show

Chicago is a show about greed, murder and show biz. The first show ever was in June 3 1975. The tickets are 49.50 so you would be spending about 55.

Personal Review

I think "Brighton Beach Memoirs" is a great show and i recommend it to anyone with a great sense of humor. My favorite part was when Kate and Blanche fought and made up because it shows how family works.

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