University of Notre Dame

Fighting Irish!!!

Mascot: Leprechaun

Campus History and Origin

Notre Dame University started in 1842 by a 28 year old priest and some close friend when they got a hold of 524 acres that the Bishop had given to them in Indiana. Priest Sorin name the University after Our Lady of the Lake.

In 1844 the campus was chartered by Indiana. In 1879 a fire damaged the main building but the persistent Father Sorin hired 300 workers to rebuild the building that still stands today.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Percent of Applicants Admitted: 23%

Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile

    SAT Critical Reading: 660 / 750

    SAT Math: 680 / 770

    SAT Writing:  - / -

    ACT Composite: 32 / 34

    ACT English: - / -

    ACT Math: - / -

Tuition and Costs

Cost per year

Tuition: $51,892

Fees: $480

Room and Board: $9,700

Books and Supplies: $1,700

Personal Expenses: $5,950

Transportation Expenses: $2,600

Total: $72,322

Campus Life: Rice Pep Rally

A Friday night tradition to cheer on Notre Dame. Come out to support the Fighting Irish on their game against the Rice Owls. Don't miss this one of kind pep rally to support your felloe leprechauns.

Cover Letter

Billy Joe

Fitness All Day

6983 Tierra Marco

May 19,2015

Good afternoon Billy,

I am applying for a position as a personal trainer in response to our meeting at one of your locations.

Right now I am studying at Notre Dame for a bachelor's degree in public service. I am currently training a football player that has gone through a serious injury on his ankle and I am doing whatever in my hands to get him back on to the field. I am very patient and have a few years of experience with recovery training and conditioning. When I was in high school I use to play many sports but my favorite was football. This experience with sports will help me to know how to get people back into shape or get stronger. I also went through an injury with my ankle when i was younger so I have experience with recovering from an injury.

I have noticed that having experience with sports and injuries it will give me the tools to help others get better at a sport or recover from an injury. I feel that I am the right person for this job because I have the experience and knowledge specifically for this job.

Thank you for your consideration and I am sorry for the late return of my resume.


Gianni Caraveo

6493 Tierra Justino



Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

Without any hesitation I believe that accepting Gianni Caraveo into Notre Dame University will benefit your institution. Gianni has proved himself to be very hardworking, loyal,resourceful, smart, cunning, and dedicated.

One noteworthy accomplishment of Mr. Caraveo is his dedication and hard work put into anything that he does.I have seen him in class and on the field striving for excellence and working hard until the job is complete. Throughout his high school years he has always gotten straight A’s and never given up no matter how dim the situation. For example when his football team was down 30 points in the 4th quarter, he led them to victory by boosting the team’s morale and by scoring the winning touchdown. This was all due to his hard work and to him never giving up hope.

Mr. Caraveo is always up for the challenge and will never give up. Allowing him to attend your university will give you more championship titles and when he graduates an all star NFL football player.If you have any further questions on Mr. Caraveo please contact me at or at 198-777-5555

Best Wishes,

Michael Rosales

Ap US History Teacher

Pebble Hills High School

El, Paso TX 77777

Tel: 198-777-5555



Gianni Andree Caraveo

6924 4th Ave. El Paso, TX 75939
Phone: (798)-759-6593 Fax: 1234567 E-Mail:

Professional Trainer

I currently have a job at a public gym but I want a job that will allow me to train professional athletes. I love to help people reach their goal and I have a couple of years of experience in training and conditioning.


All Day Fitness, El Paso TX 2020

I was hired as a personal trainer at All Day Fitness and have been working there for about two years.

When I was in high school I play several different sports and I have experience in recovering from and injury because of my own injuries.

About a year ago a football player from a college team had hurt his ankle and I helped him make a full recovery.


El Dorado High School 2014-2018

I went to high school and received my diploma in 2018 and was enrolled in a couple of programs through out the years. I played football all four years and only went through a few minor injuries. I also had all advanced classes through out the years in high school.

Notre Dame University 2019-2023

I played football through out my college years and was also a part time personal trainer for people in other sports. I also got a bachelors degree in public service. I was in a few youth groups involved with my religion.


I am very persistent




I am also very athletic

I am always punctual

Persuasive Essay

I believe I am the right person to go to Notre Dame University because over all my high school years I have dedicated myself to enrolling in advanced classes. I believe that allowing me into Notre Dame University will help me in my journey to a successful career that i will enjoy but still be okay financially. I will be a dedicated student as I was in high school and I will benefit your school by enrolling in your sports programs. Your permission for me to go to your college will allow me to have a successful career and a happy life.

I want to pursue a career that requires high activity and fitness. It will give me the knowledge required for me to get a job dealing with professional training or fitness. I will have lots of dedication to doing homework and keeping up with other responsibilities. If you allow me to be a student at your university I will have the tools to have a successful career that I will enjoy doing. I am a determined student and person that will not give up when thing get hard instead I will work harder to achieve greatness. I enjoy to being around many people so if I need to socialize I am more than happy to do so. I need a degree to pursue my dreams so please help me by allowing me to be a student of your university.

I also think being a part of your program will make my life more enjoyable. I enjoy being around people so living in a dorm would not be a problem for me. I should be able to go to your college because I am a strong believer in God and since Notre Dame is a religious university I would enjoy going to praise God. It would make my life better because I will know that going to this college will help me succeed in life and have a job that will support me and maybe even my future family. I enjoy to play football so I would love to be a part of football team so that I can enjoy some time playing my favorite sport.

Overall I am determined to succeed in life and I feel that being a part of Notre Dame University will help me do great things in life. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get in to your university because I am hungry for success. Giving me this opportunity will not just help me but it will help your university because i am willing to enroll in programs and other extracurricular activities.

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