Babe Ruth (1895- 1946)
By: Niles Pride

Born February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. His real name is George named after his father . His parents George. SR and Kate had eight children but only George and his sister survived. Growing up George was unruly and a huge trouble maker in the neighborhood as a result his parents sent him to St. Mary's industrial school for boys. Here he learned great skills and developed his passion for baseball. One of the monks at St.Mary's noticed George's passion for baseball and helped him refine his skills. He pushed Babe hard perfecting his hitting, fielding and pitching skills. At 19 George was offered a contract from the Baltimore Orioles at the time owner Jack Dunn had to become George's legal guardian in order to get him to sign the contract. The orioles players referred to him as "Jacks newest babe" from then on he was named Babe ruth.

After becoming a brief stint with the Baltimore Orioles he was traded to the New York Yankees where he quickly made a name for himself as a powerful slugger. Babe began amassing numbers that had never been seen before In 1920 he bested the home run record he previously set in 1919 hitting a staggering 54 home runs in a season where no one hit more than 19. In 1921 Babe had the best season of Major League Baseball history that season he blasted 59 home runs, drove in 171 RBI's, scored 177 runs Babe officially became a superstar and brought popularity to Baseball never before seen. In 1936 Babe was inducted in to the Baseball hall of fame becoming one of the first five inductees.

During the fall of 1946 Babe Ruth's health started to decline. It was discovered that Babe had a malignant tumor on his neck. On June 13, 1948 his jersey number 3 was retired by the yankees during his last appearance at Yankees stadium. On August 16, 1948 Babe passed away his body lay in repose at Yankee stadium with his funeral two days later at St patrick's cathedral in New York. Despite passing away over 60 years ago he still remains one of the most powerful figures in baseball. Babe is still considered the greatest player in Major League Baseball history.

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