Civilians  IN SPACE

By: Sean Mayfield

In 1969 Neil Armstrong flew through space, landed and walked on the moon. This man went through years of training. And some people say space travel is for everyone..I DON'T THINK SO. We don't have the training, we don't know if everyone will follow the rules, and we don't have everything under control.

To start you off no one is a qualified astronaut until they go through ALL of the training.  The training will take a long time too; you may train 10 years before going into space. Some people think " Well if astronauts can do it so can I." This may be true yet we will not know how people will really react if there is an emergency. In an emergency, who is flying the ship? MAYBE NO ONE! The ship will crash sooner than you think.

Many people think their way is the best way. And I'm sure they really want to go into space. Some people think they are more confident, and observant than astronauts. And if they stumble upon something new they will think they know everything and others don't, and try to do it themselves. So it is possible they will mess up in that as well. Guess who gets blamed for the danger they cause: the government or company that sends them up there. In the end, what would you rather do: listen to a trained expert or do it your own way?

Most people like power and control, but, NEWSFLASH, we would not want it in space! We don't know space like our own backyard, it's very big and unpredictable. It's so big we call it space for a reason. We also have no control over the people with us in space.

As you can see there are many reasons why we shouldn't let civilians travel in space. Many people think it's OKAY to let them travel in space but personally, I think this is just a disaster waiting to happen.

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