Troubleshooting- solving a series of problems that may happen while using a technology or process.

Technological ages:

Paleolithic age- Old stone age, Fire

Mesolithic age- Middle stone age, Basic shelter

Neolithic age- New stone age, Stone tools

Bronze age- Discovery of bronze, Bronze tools

Iron age- Wide usage of iron, Iron tools

Middle ages- Manly focused in Europe, Vertical windmills

Renaissance- Focus on art and technology, Printing press

Industrial age- Industry and business, Steam engine

Information age- Focus on transferring and receiving information, Computer

A prototype is a working model, while a mock-up does not work, and is only an example of what you want your product to look like.

Core technology- a generic term used to describe the key technology components used in a product, Fluid

Subsystems- A self-contained system within a larger system, Piston in an engine

Research and development- Work directed towards and innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes, Taking surveys

Batch process- Making products is a batch; many at a time instead of one at a time, Baking bread

Open system- Requires regular feedback

Closed system- Does not require feedback

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