Hydro Fracking

Hydro fracturing is a way of well-drilling where rock and stone is broken up by a hydraulically pressurized liquid made of water, sand, and other chemicals (which are currently unknown.) Northwestern West Virginia is currently is in one of the biggest natural gas booms in the history of the world.The biggest company putting out gas wells is Shale. Shale has three regions in the U.S.A.. The three regions are Northern, Southwest, and Marcellus. The region West Virginia is in is Marcellus.


Pros of Hydro Fracking are resources. Hydro fracking is a very efficient way of collecting oil and also natural gas. The great thing about all these resources is money for this area. The more money in this area the more roads being repaired. Just recently Big Wheeling Creek in New Vrindaban, W.V.. More pros of hydro fracking is when a well is placed on someone's property, the gas well is required to pay them royalties which in turn the property owners spend more while shopping and going to town. The more money people spend the better the store's company is. The better the company is the more jobs for hire. With more people hired people in this area will have a way better economy. The well companies also rebuild community buildings and build new ones.


Cons of hydro fracking are a lot of environmental problems such as water sources getting contaminated and all the greenhouse gasses from the trucks going in and out of the area. Some of these chemicals used in hydro fracking are not released to the public. These chemicals can get into the waterways and poison the ones drinking it. With the water contaminated the animals we eat and the plants we eat could not be safe. One other problem with hydro fracking the trucks driving back and forth on these roads can get tore up. The water and sand trucks driving through can get in car wrecks and hurt them or others. Another problem is the well traffic illegally transporting oversize loads. The law is you only can have three trucks for escort, but the trucks out here are going with one escort but four or five trucks.

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