Cowboys and Legends of the Old West

Richard King was born in New York City on July 10, 1824. In 1885 King traveled to San Antonio to see his doctor. He died of stomach cancer on April 14, at the Hotel. His family was very poor Irish family. Richard wife name Henrietta and they had 5 kids together, they started with one small rugged house but had 75,000 acres of land.

He was most famous and successful of the great cattle of Texas was not a cowboy. Richard riverboat captain entrepreneur and founder of the King Ranch.

- Five Interesting Facts about Richard King

-1853: Richard King starts up his ranch in an area known as the Wild Horse Desert.

-1925: his body was reburied with his wife's at Kingsville

-Kingsville the town established on his ranched in 1904 and named after him

- He never learned how to read and write.

- He was capital of riverboat during Mexican war he help moved troops and supplies up and down the river for the war.

Blue Duck

Born Bluford Duck , his cherokee name was Sha-con-gah and he was called Blue Duck. Birth June 17, 1895, USA and Death May 7, 1895 Catoosa Rogers County Oklahoma, USA. He died from TB is a bacterial infection that can spread through the bloodstream to any organ in your body. Blue Duck became involved romantically with Belle Star along that time.  When she married to Sam Starr, she and her husband formed their own gang, which Blue Duck joined.

He was riding with gangs across the Oklahoma Territory committing armed robberies and acts of cattle rustling. He is believed to have ridden with that gang through1870's although his involvement with them was off and on. Blue Duck and another man named William were both riding drunk in the Cherokee Nation. For unknown reasons they rode up to young farmer named Samuel who was working in his field and Blue Duck emptied his revolver into the man. He then reloaded and fired at Indian boy, Shooting his horse. Blue Duck was sentence to life in prison.

Five Interesting Facts

- Kaw-wan-nu was his other name they call him

- He had no kids

- Duck was sentenced by Judge Parker to be hanged on July 23, 1886. However it was later on cleared of the charge

- He sentence to life in prison. He got sick so they release him early because he only had one month to live. He returned home to die among friends.

- He was buried in the Dick Duck Cemetery near Oklahoma


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