Chinese Dynasties

Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties

Sui Dynasty

The Sui Dynasty's leader was Wen. The entire dynasty was ruled by the emperor. It used some of the older dynasties to model itself. One of their greatest achievements was the Grand Canal. This dynasty fell because some of the people murdered Wen.

Sui Dynasty Ruler "Yang"

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty's leader was an old Sui general, his name was Taizong Wu Shao. The entire dynasty was ruled out of the capitol city Luoyang. This was an imperial dynasty and they sort of modeled off of the Sui. Most of their influence and culture came from the Sui. One of the things that they achieved were good schools all over the land.

Tang Dynasty Ruler "Zhu Wen"

Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty's ruler was Taizu. He was a ruler sort of like the other two dynasties. The government was sort of an imperial empire that had an emperor. The capitol city was Hangzhou. Their empire was sort of built on the foundations of the two previous dynasties. Their dynasty was founded on the principle of prosperity. They also had many great achievements.

Song Dynasty Ruler "Taizu"