Valentine's Day Cards

January 27, 2014

good #1

I really like this card because the colors match perfectly with the Valentine's Day colors, and it is also very organized and it immedietly grabs your attention.

good #2

Although this card is very simple, it is very clean and cute. It doesn't go overboard which is a MUST in every design.


What I really like about this card is how they changed the word "dynamite" into "dino-mite" to create a sweet feeling in those reading it. The colors match and they don't exaggerate the hearts like others.

good #4

I love the simplicity of this card. Using only four colors can really create something great.

good #5

This card is very cute, and kiddish. I like how they placed the words and the colors used, and how they replaced the word "million" with the word "minion".

bad #1

I hate this card because the fonts they used don't really relate to Valentine's Day. They didn't put much thought or time into it. They should have used a different font, and instead of separating the baby from the words, they should have combined them.

bad #2

This card made me feel sad due to the colors used. None of them represent the colors of V-day.

bad #3

The Chuck-e Cheese's mouse scares me, so I dislike this card very much. I also understand why they used the color yellow (because it is the reataurant's main color), but it had nothing to do with V-day.

bad #4

Too many things are happening and it is difficult for the eyes to focus on just one thing. They should take off the "glitter" and use different fonts.

bad #5

This card is very simple, but is not clean. I don't know what is under the hearts? It also creates a mood of sadness. They should change the background to something plain, remove the "things" under the hearts, and change the color of the hearts.

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