Movie Poster

Evaluation of a poster

From looking at this movie poster, i think this movie poster is pretty well laid out. I think the poster draws attention with the building on fire of his so called "logo" on it burning. I think that draws attention because the contrast of the colors make it stick out, and it isn't very often you see a building on fire. So the fire makes me think why is it on fire; what happened? I also think showing Batman himself looks cool on the poster. The way he is standing makes him look intimidating, and like a bad @$$. I would be scared of him if I never met saw him before. I don't think the poster gives a good idea of what the movie is about but it leaves you thinking. In my opinion, it makes me want to see the movie just because it left me hanging. And it does want me to see the moving because the saying says "Welcome to a world without rules" and that sounds sweet and makes me want to see what is possible without rules. Overall i think this movie poster is well made and follows the criteria of how a movie poster actually should be. It has very few words on there. It has one big picture showing maybe a cool scene in the movie and to me looks good.

Movie Trailer Evaluation

I picked the new Robocop trailer to evaluate. From watching this trailer, i noticed that it definitely teased the plot line. It gave a look at what the plot is about. The plot is about a guy who got into an accident, and they pretty much make him an ultimate suit that allows him to walk again. The suit is super strong and he becomes a "Robocop". Then he basically has to fight crime. I think they showed the climax in this trailer. I think the climax is when there is a huge battle and there's more than one robocop and he has to fight them all. I feel that the feel of the movie is a thriller, adventurous, and fearless movie. I also thought the trailer was pretty good. It did what I thought made a trailer look good. The things that this trailer did well on was teasing the plot line. They also showed the climax but not too much of it. Doing that made me want to finish watching it. The last thing they did well on was it gave you a feel of the movie. All these strategies made me want to see this movie.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies(T.V.)

Marketing Strategy 1: One thing I think that a TV show could use is social media to get the fans to interact with the TV stars. I picked this because so many shows do this and when you look at for example PLL, they have so many fans that follow their page. They have 12,404,504 likes just on the page! If you can get all your fans to follow this page it will get more people to get involved.

Marketing Strategy 2: The second marketing strategy that a TV show could use is plain standard advertising. So, using commercials, billboards, and print ads. I picked this one because commercials are something most people see. If people see the commercial, and they liked it, they will be intrigued and want to see the release of the show or its new episodes. It's a classic way to get people to see the show and hopefully make them like it!

Marketing Strategy 3: The final marketing strategy that I think a TV show could use is to create and sell merchandise to the fans. They could do this by making dolls of characters, or stickers, even things we use to eat and drink could work! I think this is a good strategy because it gets into stores, people see it, and then they may go check it out when they get home. It also makes them money which is something they indeed want to do.

Amusement Park Website Review

I went to the website . Just from looking at the home page, I thought the website was pretty well made. It has color on it, pictures of rides, and people smiling and laughing just having a good time. It makes you feel like you're missing out. They had on the side of the pictures a 2014 Gold Pass. They had 6 payments of 12.50$. Too me, that's a pretty good deal because I know it isn't cheap to get in; and if you are a fan of Valley Fair, you would definitely make your money back. So i think their pricing strategy is pretty effective. I think the best feature they have on the website is the fact that they have a picture of the Twitter bird and Facebook. To the left of that, they have a little text box saying follow us on Twitter to get the latest scoops on rides, deals, and more! Too me, people will be following them on Twitter to get all the stuff above. I think the positive thing about the park is that it looks like a lot of fun. They make you feel once again you are missing out and should go to get the feel the rest of the people there are experiencing.

Advantages of Admission Prices

Personally, I think setting prices higher and lower on different days of the week is a great idea because I know people are willing to spend the extra 10 or so dollars just to go on a Saturday, rather than a Monday. The only disadvantage of setting a higher price on certain days is that maybe less people will be there; but overall, the higher price probably makes their money right back. I also think setting a higher price during a nicer time of the year is also a good business way. People don't want to go to an amusement park when its cold and stuff, they want to go when its nice and they can wear shorts and have a great time! People are willing to spend that extra amount because all in all, its worth it for the people, and for the amusement park itself. The other thing is that people who go on the nicer days will have a better time, making them want to come back and have another great experience; from that happening, the park will make even more money because maybe the people invite other friends to come and could just double their price right now.

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