Rube Goldberg Machine

Saad Badat, Jason Sinning, Vincent Carbone

I chose the Rube Goldberg machine. I chose this because I liked how we made it in class. I also wanted to make a bigger and more complex machine. I want to learn how a series of events can do simple tasks. Also, I wanted to see how their are different stages in a machine. I might want to do this as a career, because I like designing and building.

Entry 2

I have started my drawing of my rube goldberg machine. I have an idea of mentos dropping into coke and it exploding everywhere. Today Vincent brought duct tape. I'm going make a series of events. I got this idea by watching a few Youtube videos.

Entry 3

The information I learned to help complete my project was by watching different YouTube videos. I also got ideas from the internet to help me figure out what should I have done with my Rube Goldberg machine.

Entry 4

What I did was make a drawing of a Rube Goldberg Machine, I also figured out a way to put the Mentos in the coke.

The car pulls the block which releases the ball. Then the ball goes down the ramp, into the cup. The ball then hits the lever making another ball go up, hitting a button on the car which makes it go forward and knock the Mentos into the coke.

The questions I answered were like. How am I going to put the Mentos into the Coke? Also how am I going to use the pulley?

Entry 5 and 6

We started building our first stage. Some problems we had were making the first stage, because we did not have all the materials. Another problem was that their wasnt many spots to build available.

Entry 7 and 8

Some machines we used were levers and pulleys. We used the lever to make a ball go into the air and hit a car. We used the pulley to lift the block and release the balls. We have more updates as we get to our final items.

Entry 8

We need to figure out if we need to replace anything or if we need to add anything.

Technical Parts of Your Project

We have had the first 2 stages done. We have most materials and we are having a few troubles with the lever so we might need to replace that.

Technical Stuff (Part 2)

We have finished Stage 3. We need to start getting a stage down every day or two. Some problems we are having is of the lever, we might have to remove that. We need to think of things to replace it.

Entry 11

We have no car and we got rid a couple of stages. Also we have changed the project. We are continuing to build our project.

Entry 12

Today we got our first few stages locked down. We got a new stage done. We used a ball and a pulley and 2 cups. The ball goes in the cup, gong down, which is going to hit a cup.This is all we have we will have more by tomorrow.

Entry 13

Today we got most of our project done. We only need one more stage we got the first four stages working. We are still figuring out how to put the mentos in the coke. We either can have a car push the mentos into the coke or we can have the car trigger something that releases the mentos into the coke. That is all we have done today.

Entry 14 - 15

We have our next step working the ball makes the car go forward. We replaced the car that moves when the button on it gets pressed with the remote controlled car and when a string pushes the stick the car will move forward.

Entry 16

We are about done with the project. We just have to tweak the last part a bit. We had a problem of the amount of weight to use to pull the car. We will hopefully finish soon. We will hopefully put a video of our machine.

Entry 17

Today we were able to finish and present our projects. The project worked well. We had one problem though the ending was disappointing. We were expecting the coke to go everywhere, but it only made little fizz. We could have done a better job, but overall it was good.

Entry 18

Our project turned out as we planned but the ending was a bit disappointing. The coke only made a little fizz. I think this project might have made me pursue subject more. I think so because it was really fun doing it and it look cool. I think this project also might have not because our project was only 5 stages and some people might not find interest in a short project. I think I might have picked a different thing, because it was really hard to work when people didn't bring things in. I also kinda liked drone flying because it looked pretty cool. Also, some days we couldn't get things done. But overall this was a fun project.

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Pretty neat

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Very nice idea to make a good machine

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Creative and Brilliant idea. Great job Saad!!!