Inside Pinkland ( A friends room)

Ths is a story. when you see * or ** scroll down to the button it represents.

Pink, pink, pink, everywhere pink.I’m somehow shrunk and stuck with Saanvi ,Saanvi in her gigantic, pink fluffy rug.It's like tall pink grass.I touch a stalk of it and it feels strange, fuzzy, but straight and it's feels dry. I see Saanvi climb up a stalk and point to a side. “We can get out from there!” she shouts, her voice muffled from the rugs fluffiness. We start to slowly make our way to the end of this fluffy pink grassed prairie, when we hear a loud growl, the cat, is slowly making its way to us. “How could you not see your own cat?” I scream. “ Your whole room is pink and she's black!” “I have an idea! Shadow come here!” She shouts to the cat.The cat sits up straight blinks a couple of times, then purrs ,recognizing her owner. As she walks past us, her tail is wavering,and Saanvi points to it “Grab on!”She says,and hurries up a long stalk like a squirrel, and jumps onto the tip of her tail, a jump on a stalk and fling myself high, and for the first time, I see Saanvi’s whole room as being small.As a near the ground, I see Shadow’s black back below me. POOF! I land in another haze of fluffiness.Shadow Is now slowing to a stop at the door."Why is she stopping?" I say, glancing back at Saanvi.Her face is streaked with fear."Someone is coming! Were going to be squished.!" I can't disagree with her, but the thought never came to mind.Saanvi is such a worrywart sometime. Then the cat bucks, and we are sent flying onto her computer.The screen flickers to life and we see a strange purple screen.What? *There is a very fancy fat lady. an apple is rolled toward her and she does nothing. quickly we glance at the door. No one is there, whew.**Then, we see a strange cat on the screen.Hes licking himself. Then someone sneezes ,and that cat looks at the camerea with his tounge sticking out.Then he starts nodding his head and flicking his tounge.At first we stare with shock. Then we start rolling on the floor in laughter.Suddenly we both rollover the edge. We are both sreaming with our eyes shut when we hit the floor. We open our eyes to see everything normal sized again. The cat is staring in suprise, then starts to clean herself, trying to act is if it never happened.But her fur is ruffled, and he looks like a pinecone. We start to laugh again. When we recover we are shrunk again.Time to look for something to makeus laugh.

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