Class outside

We first had a class outside because our classroom was a little hot. It was a fresh class with cool shadow and wind. But it was a shame that there were not some beverage and snacks. They would have made the class more pleasant. To make a more pleasant class, we had a few games where one person guesses and speaks the word explained by other students. But, I could not enjoy it much because there were many unfamiliar vocabulary to me like locust, salamander, gerbil, and commodore dragon, etc.

Because it has been a very long time since I graduated from school, I could not remember whether there were classes outside during my school days. Interestingly, I had a few recent experiences of taking classes outside. When I studied English in the Philippines this March to April, there were frequent blackouts because the electricity situation in that country was not stable.

So we had to often take classes outside. Problem is that it was very hot at that time to the extent that the daytime temperature went up to over 30 degrees. So it was nearly impossible to take classes outside. So many students and teachers who could not find appropriate places for their classes went to nearby fast-food stores to avoid steamy heat.

The students there asked the academy to install their own generator many times, but the school didn’t do so, blaming it on the lack of budget. It was not understandable. Anyway, Today’s class outside reminded me of the moment.

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3 years ago

I remember that day! It was wonderful! We could play with balls, and share more free time together! I do appreciate this kind of activity with my classmates!