Sabrina Villanueva

Real Estate and Data Center Management Specialist

About Sabrina Villanueva

A real estate manager specializing in data center management, Sabrina Villanueva currently serves as the sales manager for Seattle’s Westin Building Exchange, a major telecommunications and carrier hotel facility. For the facility, Sabrina Villanueva oversees all marketing and sales initiatives, as well as contract negotiations and lease agreements. She also acts as assistant property manager and is directly involved in business development strategies. In the recent past, Villanueva has also served as program manager for Students in Free Enterprise (now Enactus), where she developed and managed award-winning social entrepreneurship projects with university students.

Sabrina Villanueva holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Western Washington University in addition to a master of business from City University of Seattle. An accomplished Mandarin Chinese speaker and experienced international traveler, she provides travel consulting and directs trips to China as founder and CEO of Asia Pacific Tours. Villanueva also serves on the Board of the Hong Kong Association of Washington (HKAW), a nonprofit organization that fosters business partnerships between China and the state of Washington.

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