the index reach to 110 degrees!!!

Played sports from  nine  a.m. until eleven p.m. with  the temperatures spikes , there was no chances of escaping sun burns.

Went to the indianapolis zoo with Serenity and Dillon. had a blast got to see  the elephants,  and the one I used to love as a kid... the dolphin show ! Had a blast  and Serenity  got splashed !

Then the rest of my summer  was spent  partially in  Riverdale ,Georgia   got  a good tan there  too and serenity loved  it !

serenity passed out from all  the  running around . got to see her grandparents  she had never  met before .

then the rest simply ended with  midnight walk with serenity and dillon. strolls through the park   runs  through  river  bluff trail :)

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