Safeguard Tubs

Safeguard Tubs: Hydrotherapy Baths for Users with Limited Mobility

About Safeguard Tubs

Greenworks US in San Ramon, California, are the authorized contractor for Safeguard Tubs, a line of walk-in hydrotherapy tub-and-shower combos designed specifically for elderly users and individuals with physical and mobility impairments. Safeguard Tubs features comfortable and easy-to-use components that eliminate or alleviate some of the common safety concerns of traditional baths and showers. As a result, they help many owners achieve greater independence while restoring their senses of dignity.

Safeguard Tubs come equipped with user-friendly controls and require minimum routine maintenance. In addition, they feature a Triple Hydrotherapy system (warmth, buoyancy, and restorative massage) that relieves regular aches and pains and helps treat or manage more serious conditions, such as arthritis, circulatory disorders, and diabetes. The bath includes 31 strategically positioned jets; these include 12 hydro jets that can deliver cold and hot water, an ideal combination for reducing muscle stiffness and soreness. The remaining 19 air jets also help loosen muscles while simultaneously surrounding the body with tiny bubbles; the bubbles massage the body while increasing blood circulation and oxygenating tissues.

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