Feudal Japan

What is Feudalism?

Feudalism is a way to govern where the Nobles rule

What Led to the Rise of Feudalism

Feudalism in Japan started when the central government started to weaken. This started to happen when they ran out of money.  

Three Art Forms and how They Influenced Society

One kind of art from ancient Japan is calligraphy; they considered this a way to write and show great beauty. Another is flower arranging they did this the highlight the natural beauty of flowers.  One last for of art from ancient Japan is drama they had two kinds; noh and kabuki.

Social Structure of Japan

In ancient Japan  there were 5 social classes.  The top class was the Emperor and although he was at the top he had little power. The next class was the daimyo, who was the wealthy land owners.  The most important daimyo was called the shogun.  The 3rd class was the samurai warriors who were the warriors of Japan. The 4th class was know as the peasants and artisans who made up the largest class.  The last class was the merchants and they where at the bottom because they made things that did not contribute to the civilization.  

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