Sage Hills Poker Ride

Wednesday, May 21st 6:30pm @ Horse Lake TH

Please join us for the first edition of the Uphill Dash, Mountain Bike Style.  This is a somewhat, mildly-competitive, fun event but NOT a race.  It's  a poker dash.  Here's some info:

Who: anyone with a mountain or cyclocross bike can participate, all ages and skill levels welcome

What: a poker dash with prizes ranging from non-existent to not-even-thought-of (immortality and infamousity included)

Where: meet @ the Horse Lake Trailhead, READY to ride at 6:30pm

When: Wednesday, May 21st, dash STARTS at 6:30pm sharp and ends at 7:30pm SHARP so get there early so we can form teams; potluck to follow; BYOB

Why: cuz riding bikes with friends is fun, and poker is sorta fun too

More Deets: this is designed to be a fun event for riders of all ability levels and ages.  although there is a modicum of competition associated with it, the main goal is to meet new riders and have fun.  we will meet at the trailhead and organize teams.  your team must decide who is going to ride to which location and at each landmark you must take a selfie of yourself to prove you were there.  return before 7:30pm so your selfies count toward the amount of cards your team receives.  more cards will be awarded for distances farther away.  don't make it back in time?  you lose all your cards.

Bonus Cards: take a selfie with another smiling trail user (hiker, horseback rider, deer) and earn more cards (the goal of this is to show trail responsibility, not speed and danger).  pick up trash?  noxious weeds?  bonus!  ride with someone on a trail-a-bike or under 10 year old, double your cards. ride to the trailhead?  instant five cards for your team.  all team members finish at the same time? boom!  one extra card per teammate.

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