The Feltron Project

First off, this project is mind-boggling, and not just because it is a massive amount of data, numbers, and visuals to take in. I don't understand how a person could monitor themselves so strictly for a year or how that information would be accurate. I am in awe of Nicholas Felton and his commitment to this strange yet awesome project.

I chose to look at 2013 and 2011. 2013 was based around Felton's communication. I really don't understand how he did this. Sure, a lot of the things he tracked were trackable communication through SMS or Facebook messages, but he tracked physical conversations and even the vocabulary and volume of the conversation. That is crazy. It was really cool to see an average year's conversation put into quantifiable data. The only thing that really surprised me about the report was that he had so many email participants. He counted business that email everyday. I think it's interesting that he considers this conversation. Most people receive a ridiculous amount of emails a day, but they only think about it in passing. The large number of emails he receives puts into perspective just how much information is being thrown at us outside of human conversations.

The 2011 report focused on places Felton visited over the year and included the people he frequented places with the most. I found this project to be very aesthetically pleasing, but that's probably just because I love the color scheme. This project gave me some intense wanderlust because I wanted to one up  him. Something I found interesting in this report that would have definitely changed me if I was Felton was how many days he spent in transit. Felton spent just over an average month's worth of days go to and from places rather than actually being present in a situation. It really makes you think about how many other times you are wasting seconds of your life.

If I was to do this project, I feel like I would realize just how much time I waste doing things instead of actually living, though constantly tracking data would kind of take away from your life as well. I think my data might also show that I don't talk to people in person enough and that I don't visit enough places (in my opinion). It would probably make me really aware of what's going on around me, which I can't decide if would be a good or bad thing.