Tyler Patrick Blair

What is it?
And what is it's uses?

Chromatography is a set of techniques used to separate chemicals and to identify its pigments and colors.

Some of the different types of Chromatography include:

-Planar Chromatography- the stationary phase (paper) is on a plane, such as a glass plate. The substances that are placed on the stationary phase will move different distances up the phase according to how strongly they interact with the phase.

-Paper Chromatography- this technique is used with chromatography paper by drawing a small dot or line of sample solution onto the strip. The strip of paper is placed into a jar of solvent and then closed. As the solvent rises up the paper the solute will rise with it separating the pigments.

-Thin layer Chromatography- very similar to paper chromatography, but instead of using paper it uses a thin layer of an absorbant like cellulose on a flat, inert substrate. This form has faster runs and better separation compared to paper


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