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System of Writing!

The earliest writing systems evolved independently and at roughly the same time in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Taking a trip to Mesopotamia!

          Facts about Mesopotamia and how a system of writing made people civilized

An increasingly complex civilization encouraged the development of an increasingly sophisticated form of writing.

The Invention of writing

It is almost impossible to imagine a time before writing. Our thanks should go to the cultures of the Ancient Near East. However, you might be disappointed to learn that writing was not invented to record stories, poetry, or prayers to a god. The first fully developed written script, cuneiform, was invented to account for something unglamorous, but very important—surplus commodities: bushels of barley, head of cattle, and jars of oil!

Why did they invent writing?

They invented writing because it would be an easier way to communicate. Also it will also improve the way they live.

The earliest writing was based on pictograms. Pictograms were used to communicate basic information about crops and taxes.

This is a beautiful picture of letters first being made!!!