Wonder character in the spotlight: Via

Character's tie to theme

Olivia's theme to the story is probably trust. One way she shows trust is probably when Justin found out that Miranda and herself used to be friends and Justin got mad, well she probably should have trusted herself to be able to tell Justin instead of juts letting him find out. She did not have many friends and she kind of needed someone to be there for her since August was having so much surgeries her parents didn't have too much time to hang out with her. When the dog (daisy) died a lot of people cried, but they love her and they trusted her and they all decided to be brave in and trusted her to be brave her self, so to cheer them up their dad got them a new puppy at the very end of the book, so they would be happy.

Character influences

Ok so when Justin and Via started dating and then got in a fight about Miranda. Justin was there to put his wing around her I think Justin probably showed her that when she didn't have him she could have not been lonely she could have found friends or spent time with her dad or mom some time, however her mom and dad spent most of there time with August and all his surgeries, but he really helped her with her life since he was there. The whole book seems like it depends on trust because with Jack , August , and Summer they all had to trust each other from time to time.

art representation

This piece reminds me of Via because it seems lonely and in the book it said she was lonely a couple times so this painting seems lonely it's all dark but beautiful ,so that's why I think it kind of goes with my character Via. The artist who painted this is Vincent van Gogh and the painting is called starry night.

Character Analysis video