Former Law Enforcement Officer

Salvatore Mistretta served in law enforcement from 1987 to 2013. He held numerous positions, including investigator, police officer, and commanding officer. In the line of duty at his various posts, Sal Mistretta performed tasks such as calling on state and federal law to determine whether to pursue or close cases and preparing legal documentation to be delivered to individuals who were the subjects of investigations. As an investigator, Salvatore Mistretta frequently performed background searches and conducted computer data analyses.

Many of Salvatore Mistretta's jobs in law enforcement required him to perform specialized functions. He conducted countless interviews during his 11-year tenure as an investigator and delivered final determinations to commanding officers, who relied on his verdicts to resolve cases. As a patrol field training officer, he trained new recruits. As a police officer, he achieved the status of NYS Certified Breath Technician and NAtionally Certified Drug Recognition Expert. These certifications permitted him to perform breath tests and drug tests and analyze a person's physical performance for DWI/DWAI verdicts.

In his spare time, Sal Mistretta affiliates with charitable organizations. Since 1998, he has donated to, a charity dedicated to helping children living in poverty around the globe.