Wars in Kenya

By Samantha Baker

"Kenya is a war zone, warns al-Shabaab after Somali Islamists massacre 48"

Main Opponents

On June 15, 2014, an Islamic militant group known as al-Shabaab from Kenya's neighbor, Somalia, crossed the border to attack the costal Kenyan town of Mpeketoni. During the attack, the dangerous militants went to many houses demanding to speak to the Somali-speaking Muslim men and women. Those people who did not meet thess requirements were shot right away. The total death toll from that day included 48 innocent men and women. As a result of these brutal attacks, the al-Shabaab declared Kenya a war zone as it fought against the oppression of Muslims by the Kenyan government (Omar). Link: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/16/kenya-war-zone-alshabaab-islamist-militants-massacre

Kenya is fighting against the Somolian Islamic militants who have been targeting non-Muslim people with gun fire and multiple threats. However, the militants are fighting against the oppressive Kenyan government because they are invading the Somolian land and killing the innocent Muslims. Therefore, both of these organizations are to blame for the killing of innocent people.

How is the conflict being conducted and what are the main causes?

The al-Shabaab took many of the Christians or non-Muslims in hostage situations and terrorist attacks with gunfire. These territorist attacks are due to the "Kenyan government's brutal oppression of Muslims in Kenya through coercion, intimidation, and extrajudicial killings of Muslim scholars."

Massacre of 147 people at Garissa University College in Kenya by the al-Shabaab

Although efforts are being taken to try to bring peace between the Somolian government and the Kenyan government, the militants attacked many Christian students at a Kenyan college ("Kenya Arrests").

Here is a picture of some of the students who were brutally murdered out of cold blood:

Efforts for Peaceful Change

The Keyan government is taking violent steps to promoting peace, there are other organizations that aim to bring peacemaking to a younger generation. The Youth for Peace project in Kenya teaches young children "to become active advocates of building peace through heritage-based creative events and dialogue" ("Kenya: 'Youth for Peace'). By teaching Kenyan children how to treat people that are different than them with respect, a new era of peace may come to Kenya.

Here is an image of some children at the Youth for Peace Conference:

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