Samantha Hilsenrod

Self-Directed Young Professional

Samantha Hilsenrod has developed her skills in public relations through schooling, internships, and professional experience in the hospitality industry over the last seven years. She recently graduated from a Bachelor of Arts program at Tulane University in New Orleans, completing coursework for Communication and Spanish degrees. Samantha Hilsenrod supported her education through her work as well as several merit-based scholarships.

Samantha Hilsenrod’s time in the hospitality industry has simultaneously developed her personal communications and public relations skills, also providing her with the money necessary to pursue her academic studies. She began this work in her hometown of Long Beach, New York, where she served in a variety of positions at Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, including hostess, waitress, and counterperson. Hilsenrod later accepted employment at Bourbon Cowboy, one of the most popular bars on New Orleans’ famous Bourbon Street. At this venue, she dealt with high-pressure situations during events such as Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras while practicing her sales techniques.

In addition to this experience, Samantha Hilsenrod has completed numerous internships in the public relations industry. In summer 2005, she worked at HJMT Communications, a public relations firm on Long Island, New York, where she cold-called potential corporate sponsors, formatted press releases, and organized events. Hilsenrod’s next internship began in 2009 at the Gulf Restoration Network in New Orleans. She accomplished many similar tasks there, while also developing connections to local businesses and spearheading education initiatives. She also fulfilled a short summer internship in 2010, performing a large number of tech-related public relations tasks at Ariel Publicity.