Wonder Character in the spotlight:
Olivia:by SamanthaO.

Character Tie To The Theme

I think that the theme Olivia learned about was love.

I know this because when Daisy died she was devastated because she loved her so much so she learned you should love as much as you can while you still can.

I also think that she learned you should always give people chances I know this because her best friend meranda had changed her look and every thing about her self and she never told Olivia about this so Olivia got angry  at her so they were not freinds anymore however in the end meranda even though she changed her look she did not change her personalty and they were BEST friends again.

These things are going to help her in the future because when she loses someone she might just do something to her self os someone else.

She also could grow up giving no one and nothing a chance.

Character Influence

The character that imacted her the most was Justin(her boyfriend).

Justin impacted her the most because he showed her to feel better about her self .I know this because at the end of the story when Olivia didn't know if she did good or not he told Olivia she was amazing and that made her proud of her self.

Olivia impacted Justin the most because Justin was lonley and then Olivia became his girlfriend and now their happily together.I know this because Justin told us through the story that he felt so much welcome at Via's(Olivia) home more than his own and this made a big part in the story because they both were lonley at first but now they are together and that has changed.

their relation ship in this story is inportant because if they wern't together Justin would not be in the story but if he was he would miserable.Also Olivia would be together however she would be miserable as well.

Art Representation

The Ninth Wave:by Ivan Aviazovsky

I chose this art peice because it reminds me of Olivia because even though the art peice is magnifacent the waves are very rough  this reminds me of Olivia because she is a beautiful young lady however her life is not so perfect.

Another reason I picked this art peice is because even though the waves are rough and there is a storm there is light in the background just like Olivia feels like every thing is hopeless but we all know she is going to have a bright future.

Character Analysis Video