Sam Chandler

Graduate of Rumson Fair Haven High School

A graduate of Rumson Fair Haven High School in New Jersey, Sam Chandler earned numerous academic awards and honors, including the President’s Academic Gold Award. He graduated in 2016 on the honor roll and was inducted into the National Honor Society. Since his graduation, Sam Chandler has moved from Rumson to Blairstown. There, he is enrolled in Blair Academy’s postgraduate program, where he is taking a number of AP courses.

While attending school, Mr. Chandler also has worked in the local retail and service industries. From 2014 to 2016, he served as a busboy, and then head busboy, at the Temple Gourmet Restaurant in Red Bank. There, he assumed responsibility for training new staff and ensuring the dining room was clean and cleared efficiently. Currently, he provides general maintenance to Canyon Pass Provisions, where he is responsible for handling recycling, waste management, and deliveries, as well as assisting with renovations.

Additionally, Mr. Chandler is a certified soccer referee and works at MOSA Travel Soccer and Rumson Recreation Soccer. He first earned certification in 2012 and has renewed his credentials each year since. For the past two years, he served as an instructor to people seeking certification. He has previously volunteered as a soccer coach for 4th- and 5th-grade students in Rumson.

Olas Verdes Becomes First LEED Certified Surf Hotel

As a former soccer referee in Rumson, New Jersey, Sam Chandler leads an active lifestyle, and has helped make sports enjoyable for children at Rumson Recreation. When he is not working, Sam Chandler makes a point to take trips to Playa Guiones located in Costa Rica. He has been surfing there for ten years, and goes back for yearly visits and to ride the waves.

Many Americans visit Playa Guiones to enjoy the sun and surf. Many hotels capitalize on this, capturing tourists’ love of the waves, while providing a relaxing and enjoyable place to stay. In October of 2016, Olas Verdes became the first hotel in Costa Rica to earn the designation of being a LEED Platinum hotel. It is also the first LEED certified surf hotel in the whole world. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. With these qualities, the hotel is awarded for being conscious of the environment and working to protect it while still operating a business.

Surfing Costa Rica's Playa Guiones

An accomplished high school athlete, Sam Chandler of Rumson, New Jersey, was voted as Shore Conference All-Division Class A Central shortstop of the year in 2016. He also organized a team and played in Alex's Lemonade Flag Football tournament for three years in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Sam Chandler is an avid surfer, and he honed his skill by surfing in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica, twice a year.

Costa Rica is well-known around the world as an ideal place for surfing, boasting over 50 surf breaks. The village of Nosara is a popular destination for surfers, because it is home to Playa Guiones, one of three unique and rugged beaches in the area. A four-mile stretch of sand, the breaks along Playa Guiones are long and consistent, with heights that often reach overhead in the early morning hours.

For those wanting to stay in the area, a variety of accommodations are available in Playa Guiones including Costa Rica's only LEED platinum surf hotel Olas Verdes, along with some less expensive surfer dorms in northern Nosara.

Change a Life Uganda - Active Programs

Recent high school graduate Sam Chandler of Rumson, New Jersey, takes an active role as a citizen of the world. Through Change a Life Uganda, Rumson's Sam Chandler volunteered at the organization’s St. Lawrence School and raised funds for key infrastructure projects.

Dedicated to empowering and supporting families in the Uganda communities of Migyera and Nabbingo, Change a Life Uganda sponsors education initiatives as well as health care access and economic empowerment programs. One of its flagship efforts is its child sponsorship program, DollarsForScholars, which allows generous donors to fund a child's primary, secondary, or post-secondary education. Donors may choose to sponsor a child's boarding, tuition, or both, and receive regular communication from the sponsored child.

Donors may also support Ugandan students by funding a child's dormitory placement, providing financial aid to a teacher, or funding literacy education for adults. Those individuals who prefer to sponsor health care programs may donate to such initiatives as MoneyForMedicine, which supports patient care for HIV, malaria, and other illnesses at the organization's St. Francis Health Center. Even children can support Change a Life's health outreach efforts through the QuartersForWater program, which raises money to bring clean water to schools and health care centers in high-need communities.

Meanwhile, Change a Life Uganda helps families to strengthen their income through a variety of microfinance programs, which teach entrepreneurship and business skills that help families become self-sufficient. These programs work alongside and in complement to such initiatives as CashForTailoring, FundsForFarming, and CashForCrafts, which offer trade-specific education and training.