Sam Fishman

Special Education Managing Director

About Sam Fishman

As the managing director of SINAI Schools in Teaneck, New Jersey, Sam Fishman ensures that Jewish children with special needs get the education they deserve. He oversees all non-educational functions of these programs, such as financial aid and fundraising, and manages the relationships between SINAI and its partner schools. These efforts ensure that educational staff and families of SINAI students have all the resources they need, and in turn can focus on providing care for children with developmental and learning disabilities. Sam Fishman also oversees the school's creative direction and marketing strategy, reaching out to potential donors and families to ensure that they know about SINAI and its message.

Under the leadership of Sam Fishman, SINAI has made great strides in fundraising, exceeding its funding goals during each of the last six fiscal years. Garnering the school an average of more than $1.6 million in donations annually, Mr. Fishman has ensured that the children who study in SINAI programs have the scholarships they need to continue their education.

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