Sam M. Hwang

Experienced Researcher and Advocate for Education

About Sam M. Hwang

Sam M. Hwang, an experienced academic research assistant and technical professional, recently entered the education field as founder and CEO of New Pathway Education & Technology Group. Based in China, the company helps students achieve high scores on standardized tests. Additionally, Sam M. Hwang created a company division known as ReadingTown, which helps students in kindergarten through sixth grade improve their skill in reading English.

Sam M. Hwang comes to his role following a three-year tenure as a technical specialist for the Cambridge, Massachusetts, law firm of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner. In this position, he lent his extensive experience in technology and medical research to the firm's investigation of matters such as intellectual property violations. Mr. Hwang had previously served as a research assistant for a number of investigators at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his alma mater, where he studied such concepts as genome engineering. He also participated in research initiatives through Harvard Law School, where he participated in a wide variety of projects. Mr. Hwang brings this academic experience to his current role at New Pathway, where he also makes use of his fluency in Mandarin Chinese. 

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