the challenge

The Striebinger Block at West 29th and Detroit Ave in Cleveland was built in 1919 to serve commuters back when the intersection was a streetcar turnaround. Commuters and the streetcar quit the area, and the block went underutilized (short of criminal activity) for decades. Ohio City, Downtown Cleveland and Detroit-Shoreway have steadily risen in recent years, and the Striebinger Block was a halting dead-zone at the crux of three burgeoning neighborhoods. It was a broken connection.

the approach

We didn't want to build another silo. The corner of West 29th and Detroit was a chance to transform how Clevelanders move from neighborhood to neighborhood. Backed by local investors, we replaced windows and renovated storefronts, built walk-up apartments and brought the corner up to creative-class code. We curated a neighborhood that's live-work-eat-shop-play by working with a new generation of entrepreneurs to open businesses here, by engaging a world-class art museum to offer programming here, by turning this gap into the hinge that connects us to our neighbors. And we named it Hingetown.

It's a sample story, but a real one! Read more about Cleveland's Hingetown.
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