Samsung Smartphone Wars: Galaxy Grand vs. Galaxy Mega

Apple is the main rival, of course, but Samsung has introduced enough smartphones to foster healthy competition in its own camp. The Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Mega models are duking it out for supremacy on the low-cost handset market. Let's take a look at how these two smartphones stack up in the Samsung Galaxy of mobile devices.

Look and Feel

These two phones are similar in many ways, including design. Both models boasts the sleek, sturdy look and feel that has become an unofficial trademark for Samsung. However, the Galaxy Grand is considerably larger than the Mega in terms of both height and width, which proably isn't all that surprising based on the label.

Camera Skills

The Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Mega come armed with near identical image capturing capabilities in a 1.9-MP front facing camera, and an 8-MP rear facing camera. They are generally only differentiated by their camera software. For instance, a Galaxy Grand user running the latest version of Android will have a few more editing features than a Mega user with an older version like Jelly Bean.

Power and Performance

Samsung fuels its tandem of economical smartphones with chip and graphics processing by Broadcom. The addition of 1 GB of RAM gives both the power to thrive quite well in the performance department.

Of course the downside of these low-end phones is the limited storage capacity. The Grand and Mega only carry 8 to 16 GB of internal memory, but can be expanded to 64 GB via microSD cards.

Samsung Smartphone Rental

With the exception of size, the Galaxy Mega and Galaxy Grand have minimal differences. Price and value are comparable as well, particularly on the smartphone rental market. In fact, many stores give you the flexibility to rent the Samsung phone of your choice with no credit checks, contracts, or down payments, while allowing you to pay in weekly installments that are equivalent to a fraction of retail price. These perks and more available at Buddy's Home Furnishings. Whether it's the Mega, Grand, or another Galaxy member, we make Samsung smartphone rental a breeze.