Samuel Shepherd Wilson

Samuel Shepherd Wilson’s Military History

About Samuel Shepherd Wilson

An assistant S2 for the United States Army National Guard 4-118th Infantry Battalion, Samuel Shepherd Wilson possesses over half a decade of military experience. While enrolled at Presbyterian College as an undergraduate, he attended the Sabalauski Air Assault School. After receiving his bachelor's degree in political science and becoming an NSCA Strength & Conditioning All-American, he garnered his military commission. He attended Military Intelligence Basic Officer Leaders Course, the National Training Center, and Camp Shelby deployment center and served as an assistant S2 at the latter two facilities. Subsequently, Samuel Shepherd Wilson was deployed to Kuwait to assist with Operation Enduring Freedom.

In his current position, he performs as an all-source intelligence officer for the U.S. Army National Guard division in Mullins, South Carolina. In this role, he advises commanders on coordinating battlefield maneuvers, understanding the enemy, and protecting personnel and information. His other duties range from creating SITMAPs to distributing tactical maps. Supplementing these responsibilities, Samuel Shepherd Wilson also works as a CrossFit Redeemed Trainer. Moreover, he is attending American Military University online to earn a master's degree in intelligence studies with a focus on intelligence collection.

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