Samuel Zurier

Accomplished Attorney and Community Advocate

About Samuel Zurier

Rated AV Preeminent by attorney review group Martindale-Hubbell, Samuel Zurier commands more than 25 years of professional experience. Currently of counsel to Oliverio & Marcaccio of Providence, Rhode Island, he began his career as assistant attorney general within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Environmental Protection Division. Since that time, Samuel Zurier has practiced in a number of Rhode Island firms, two of which employed his services as partner.

Samuel Zurier earned his secondary school diploma at Classical High School, where he graduated as co-valedictorian. He graduated summa cum laude from Yale College, then went on to earn a second bachelor's degree as a Rhodes Scholar of politics and economics at Oxford University. He completed his education at Yale Law School, where he stood out as editor of the Yale Law Journal and as a Coker teaching fellow. Now a member of the Rhode Island Bar Foundation, he continues to distinguish himself as an award-winning contributing writer to the Rhode Island Bar Journal. Mr. Zurier balances his professional responsibilities with civil service as a Ward 2 councilor for the city of Providence.

Dedicated to sharing his resources and expertise with others, Samuel Zurier has mentored a number of underprivileged Rhodes Scholarship candidates. He co-founded the East Side Public Education committee as well as the Classical High School Alumni Association. Also a board member with several Jewish organizations, he received the Hassenfeld Award for service to the Jewish community.

Applying for a Rhodes Scholarship

Samuel Zurier was a 1982 Rhodes Scholar. After completing his education, he served as the Rhode Island secretary of the Rhodes Scholarship Trust. The latter position required Samuel Zurier to travel to colleges in the state, and to encourage student applications to the program.

Applications for the Rhodes Scholarship become available in July every year, while the application deadline is just before midnight on the first Wednesday of October. Applicants must meet a number of requirements before beginning the application process. First, the scholarship is only open to citizens of the United States. Moreover, they must fall between the ages of 18 and 24 years. In addition, applicants must be on course to complete a bachelor’s degree program by the first day of October in the year after election. Furthermore, while the application process remains largely the same from year to year, applicants should visit the scholarship website and read the submission guidelines carefully to make sure they do not miss any changes.

Applicants approved at the district level are contacted for interviews, which generally occur on the Friday or Saturday before the Thanksgiving break. They receive at least two weeks’ notice prior to their interviews. Elections are announced following the interview process.

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