Wonder Character in the Spotlight : Jack :) :) :) :)
by : Samuel Wall

This picture didnt tell me the artist but it reminds me of jack,august,and summer when they all became freinds. The one in the middle reminds me of august, the one on the right reminds me of jack, and the one on the left reminds me of summer.When jack and august had a fight but they couldnt be mad at each other so jack started texting august and they made up and became freinds again. Jack and his best freinds ( august ) sworn enemy julian was talking trash about august like " oh my gosh his face is so ugly " then out of nowhere jack punched him in the face and knocked out his tooth but when mr.tushman   ( the princapal ) walked by he got in trouble and he said "it was only a baby tooth!"

characters tie to the  theme

Jack's theme that impacted him is kindness because after the first day of school jack had a choice to get to know him right away at lunch, but instead he walked passed him and later on in the book he felt kind of guilty about not sitting with him also he was in a fight with he stuck by his side and when they went on the feild trip they were freinds still and august was being made fun of jack ,amos,henry,and miles were fighting these seventh graders cause the made fun of him.

charecter influences

i think august was influenced by jack the most, because i think jack showed him to ignor what everybody thinks and be independent and think about his opinion jack showed august to grow up and be responsible but have fun. if august wasnt freinds with jack he would struggle and be bullied and beat up jack showed august to stand up for whats right. i think that august influenced summer the most, i know this because when august sat down at lunch by himself he sort of showed her to be bold and to be kind to others even if there not kind to you.