Financial Project

My occupation

My occupation is a veterinarian. I chose this job because I love animals and I like taking care of them and helping them. My annual salary is 62,528.

My college  

For my college I would go to Texas Tech. For one year it would cost in total cost 17,181 dollars. In my case that cost in total 171,810.

Positives and negatives about my school:


1. It has one of the best credit ratings.

2. It is among one of the top institutions.


1. It does cost a lot for 10 years.

2. It is over 4 hours from home.


For my job I have to get a Doctoral or Professional degree. That means I have to go to 10 or more years of collage.

Paying plan

How I plan to pay for my collage is to save and have a paying job.

Reasons why I chose this way:

I chose this way because my Mom says I have been saving sense I was young and what I do is if i get something like birthday money I'll put some in savings. If I have a job thats more money to save.

things about my collage

-It was voted one of the schools with the most out-side-of-school activities.

-They have there own pool and lazy river.

-I have been to the school and it is really big and nice.

-My dad and most of his side of his family went there so that means a lot to me.


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