Sandra Bortz

Photography Portfolio

Contemplating Cowboy

This picture was taken at the Arboretum in Waco, TX. I had snapped this picture for my Portrait project. The subject, my boyfriend, had just gotten off the phone with his dad when I snapped the picture. I put it in gray scale because I felt it added to the mood of the picture.

Country Cowboy

I took this photo at the Arboretum in Waco, TX. I had the subject, Austin, pose like that because I had the feel of a cowboy with the wooden fence and tress it just mad me think country.

Snow White

I posed Shiny this way because I just felt with the white of her dress, the red of her hair and lipstick, and the clash of blue she would look like a modernized day Snow White.

Rough and Ready

The subjects are my little brother, my boyfriend Austin, and my friend Aaron. I posed them this way to make it look like a "family" or a sandlot feel.

Wondering of a Girl

I posed Shiny there because the tree framed her face in a way that made it look soft featured. I told her to look up and she made her seems as if she was in deep thought.

Smiling Country Boy

I told my friend Aaron to sit by the tree and when I walked up to him so I told him not to move and snapped a picture.

Leading Line

I shot this picture for my elements of Photography project. I was looking for new perspectives of things and when I saw the looker had the lines so I got down and shot the picture.

Shooting Star

I saw the lines and the stars ans knew it would be a good picture if I got close and slightly low.

Crying Cat

For lesson 12 of phtoshop we messed with one of our pictures so I chose a simple one of a cat I had and made a Chesar Cat smile and a stared eye. I mad the fur like it was melting or raining off the cat.

Keep Your Eyes Up

Once I was done with taking pictures for my landscape project I looked up and saw the trees dark and the sky beautiful so I laid on the ground and took a picture up and used it in my project.

Open the Heavens

I was walking outside to take the trash out and saw this so i rain inside grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures.

Secret Sorrows

The pictured I used is from my landscape project. I used this quote with this picture because of the feel of the picture and quote.

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