The 1920's and The Great Gatsby

Welcome to this new adventure. The 1920's were one of the most interesting times in USA. Let's start by having a look at the most relevant ideas of these years.


Pay attention to the following podcast. Then, read the mind maps and after watch the videos and write your personal reflection of this decade.

I.  The Great War or World War I brought different changes to the american society

II.  The 1920's were called "the years of dust".

III.  As a result of all these changes, the concept of "the american dream" and its elements started to rule the society.

Let's have a look at the following videos about the 1920's and write your personal reflection about this decade.


Listen to the podcast as an introduction to the concept of THE AMERICAN DREAM. Listen to it and define the important elements of it through the creation of a poster to be presented in class.



We already know the hsitorical background, it's time to star talking about the "Great Gatsby" :

Symbols in the Great Gatsby


These are some of the most famous bookjackets of the book, design your own bookjacket!


What characteristics of the 1920's can you identify in the Great Gatsby?

And now some music from the 1920's....have fun and enjoy it!

And now don't forget the things you have to do...


Digital portfolio showing what you knew at the beginning, what you learned though the process, and what you have learned. This portfolio must include the following:

  • Analyse the context of the novel and its impact in the society of the 1920's and how much those characteristics have changed and determine which ones we still have.
  • Take the part of the book you like the most and write a playscript and create a video with it.

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