Leadership Coach and Organizational Trainer Sandra Schiff

As the head of SMS-Coaching, Sandra Schiff offers individuals and organizations a full range of coaching services, which span leadership, career and life transition, and parenting. Her transition coaching emphasizes strategies for taking stock of and achieving higher-level life goals. Sandra Schiff guides clients in creating blueprints that enable them to uncover their purpose and that give them ways of attaining personal and professional fulfillment. Dr. Schiff also helps clients maintain discipline and focus throughout transitional periods.

Dr. Schiff has additionally guided Health Mate, Inc., in West Bloomfield, Michigan, since the late 1990s. She initiated a youth suicide prevention program that involved presentations in school and clinic settings. Dr. Schiff also undertook a community-focused Alzheimer’s research project and sought to prevent substance abuse and suicide among the elderly. She currently studies the mechanism of the brain and how cognitive rewiring enables life changes to be made. Sandra Schiff is a longtime member of the International Coaching Federation and has served on a number of organizational boards.