Welcome to my tackk!

My name is Sarai but The Lord changed it to Sarah #blessed

My name in Hebrew indicates a women of high rank. It's translated to "Princess" or "Noblewomen" #thisisreal #imaqueen

This is me giving my Egyptian servant, Hagar, to my husband, Abraham, so she can have a child with him.

This is me when I overheard my husband talking to three visitors about me bearing a child. I laughed because I am an old woman #imweak #toofunny #lol

This is me and my husband, Abraham, after I gave birth to my only son, Isaac,at the age Of 90 #firstborn #family

This is Abraham, my husband the love of my life. Who I had a child with at the age of 90. I loved him so much that before I had a child myself, I allowed him to have a child with my servant, Hagar. #S&A4L#myhubby

This is my son Isaac, at whom i had a a very old age. His name means "he laughs". He gave me two grandchildren #1andonlyson

This is my daughter-in-law Rebekah, she too was barren like her. But she was able to have children with the help of God

This is Nahor, the grandfather of my husband Abraham.

This is the brother of my husband which makes him my brother-in-law. His name is Haran. He is the man in the middle.

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