Sara Harris MFT

Experienced Sebastopol, California, Personal Counselor

Sara Harris MFT

Sara Harris, MA, Counselor, uses three decades of experience in transpersonal and clinical psychotherapy as a personal counselor and guide. Having retired her MFT license, she maintains a Sebastopol, California, office that encompasses ecopsychology and depth psychology. At "HeartMatters," Sara Harris, MA, Counselor, provides a highly individualized level of holistic care that includes niche services for patients with cardiac health issues. Specific assistance involves preparing clients for major medical treatment, such as surgery, and providing emotional and educational support throughout the rehabilitation process. In addition to offering one-on-one and couples counseling, she has led community classes and groups on a diversity of topics.

Ms. Harris completed her psychology master’s degree at John F. Kennedy University and held an MFT license for many years. While maintaining a successful practice, she undertook in-depth studies in integrative body psychotherapy and the Diamond Approach, which combines spiritual components with psychology. Ms. Harris has undertaken community education and advocacy on behalf of WomenHeart, a nonprofit that promotes women’s health and wellness issues.

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