Website and Social Media Monitoring Tool

Anyone reading this, also enrolled in Marketing Communications (COMM 335) at Queen's School of Business will understand exactly what I mean when I say the amount of tools and websites available today, and that all offer unique, interesting and helpful options, is completely ridiculous. It's true - they all do different things - but where the unrealistic aspect comes into play is when we realize just how many websites we need to check, update and post to on a regular basis.

SO - I started a search for an aggregator - a website in which I would be able to see, organize and check everything at once. After a  very immense search I discovered Only2Clicks, and I have yet to figure out just how helpful this is. Since not all websites offer RSS feeds of their activity, it is not yet possible to keep an actual real-time page with updates from all sources of media and accounts. However, Only2Clicks does offer a consolidated site, where all websites and feeds can be organized and categorized. What I am looking to find out, is the actual value  of this (since RSS feeds, as mentioned, is not a realistic expectation yet). It is basically a website that acts as a bookmark bar, but with more categories, folders and an unlimited number of bookmarks. Making this your homepage would be convenient, yet how much more convenient than keeping the websites we really check on our bookmark bar? Give me a week or so and I'll find out.
Keeping all our website accounts in one place.

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