F i s h T a n k P r o j e c t

By Sarah Lemacks & Cade Briggs & Joshua Burks

The amount of gallons we used was 46.9 gallons.The fish we used was the Fancy Goldfish, which was 32.99$ the Fantail Goldfish, which 3.39$ was and the Mickey Mouse Platy, which was 1.00$. The tank we used is the medium tank. It was 225$. The gravel we used was 5.50$. The Blue Medium w/ rock base was 15$, the coral was 25$ , and the tree root was 20$.

Fish info

The Mickey Mouse Platy.

We bought one of those three fish. The Fancy Goldfish and Fantail Goldfish needed about 29 or more gallons . The Mickey Mouse Platy, which we also used, only needed about 10 gallons. All three of these fish can live together in the same tank. The Mickey Mouse needs a heater to keep the water at the right temperature.

Fish decorations and stuff

We used the blue gravel and three decorations of coral and trees. The total of those four things were 65.50$ After we bought those things, plus the fish, and the tank we then had 372.12 $ left. We only needed one bag of the coral. Our total for everything is 433.38$.

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