Wonder Project by Sarah

    Character's Tie To The Theme:August

Friendship impacted August the most. The lesson August learned was to always be yourself and great things will happen. An example from the text is as the school year went on August got more friends and became more open to the world. There was a bump in the road when August THINKS Jack is just being his friend because he was told to. Jack really does want to be friends with August and soon after August finds out Jack really does want to be his friend.

                   Character Influences

Jack impacts on August dramtically during the school year. An example from the text is when he teaches August to be more open to the world. August also impacted on Jack by showing him to be nice no matter what people say,when Julian (The Mean Kid) was mean to August he never let that put him down and he tought Jack that as well. Jack and August became the best of friends. They both taught each things and helped each other through tough times.

                    Art Reprensentation

I chose The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh for my picture. I felt that this describes August. Even though this picture is different it is unique like August! Also the brightest star reminds me of August because he always shined bright like a star in tough times. All together this picture screams August to me!