Les Crêpes Jambon Fromage

History and culture

   The crêpe is a very thin kind of pancake. The word crêpe is French and even though they are usually associated with Brittany in northwest France, you can find people eating crêpes in France, Belgium, Quebec, and several parts of Europe and North Africa.

   The most simple crêpe eaten in France is just with sugar on the inside, but there are many things you can put it one. Commonly for lunch and dinner they are filled with cheese, ham, eggs, mushrooms, ratatouille, artichokes, or many other meats. For breakfast and dessert crêpes, common fillings and toppings are Nutella spreads, sugar, preserves, maple syrup, whipped cream, custards or sliced fruits. There are two types of crêpes in France: sweet (for breakfast and dessert), which are made with wheat flour & are sweetened, and savory (for lunch and dinner), which are made with buckwheat flour and are not sweetened. There are also mille crêpes which is a French cake made with many layers of crêpes.  

   Traditionally, crêpes are served in France on Candlemas (La Chandeleur), the second day of February. This is Virgin Mary’s Blessing Day, but became knows as "Le Jour des Crêpes", meaning "The Day of the Crêpes". People believed that if you toss a crepe in the air & catch it with a frying pan in your right hand and hold a gold coin in your left, then you would become rich that year! (Wikipedia)

Liste d’ingrédients et d’ustensiles

- 1 tasse de la farine  - 1/4 cuillère à café du sel   

- deux oeufs   - 1/2 tasse du lait  - 1/2 tasse de l'eau   - huile

- deux cuillères à soupe de la beurre (fondu)   

- du jambon   - du fromage

- le bol à mixer   - la poêle à frire   - le fouet


- D'abord, vous versez 1 tasse de la farine. Vous la mélangez avec deux oeufs avec le fouet dans le bol à mixer.

-Puis, vous versez et mélangez 1 demie-tasse du lait et 1 demie-tasse de l'eau.

-Vous mélangez 1/4 cuillère à café du sel. Vous le mélangez avec deux cuillères à soupe de la beurre fondu.

-Puis, vous chauffez la poêle à frire et mettez de l'huile dans la poêle.

-Vous versez 1/4 tasse de la pâte lisse sur la poêle. Vous cuisinez la crêpe jusqu'a brune.

-Vous mettez du jambon et du fromage sur la crêpe et vous la rouler. Vous la cuisinez encore jusqu'a très brune.

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