Saree Kayne

Saree Kayne - Doctoral Student at Stanford Involved in Her Community

About Saree Kayne

Currently a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, Saree Kayne focuses her research in cultural anthropology on the internal culture of the International Olympic Committee as it affects the actual execution and operation of the Olympic Games. Saree Kayne is also active as a board member of the family-operated Kayne Foundation, which directs significant philanthropic funds to Los Angeles schools and educational programs. A particular giving focus is on special education institutions and the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, which offers Westlake/MacArthur Park-area students a college-focused education.

Saree Kayne’s past volunteer activities extend to high school in Southern California, where she participated in political awareness and voter registration drives. She also worked extensively with the nonprofit organization 10,000 Kites, which utilizes art as a means of bringing Palestinian and Israeli youth together in shared endeavors. Her political involvement includes a 2005 internship under Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in New York, during which she assisted constituents with education, Social Security, and housing. In her leisure time, Saree Kayne has long been involved in equestrian competition, and she has achieved numerous show jumping awards over the past decade.

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